Loxone mini server review

Loxone Thu, 07/04/2013 - 19:48

It seems there are alot of search engine hits for individuals from all over the world seeking reviews of the Loxone mini server. I guess the similarity in the domain name, and both Loxone Electronics of Austria and LoxOne.ca deal with home automation on various levels. Anyone who has read the disclaimer below, however, will notice that LoxOne.ca is not affiliated in any way with Loxone Electronics of Austria. So I guess that would make us the perfect honest review source of the Loxone mini server and its associated parts as well as reviews of other similar products such as Siemens various PLC components (programable logic control) and of course the home brew open source version utilysing Raspberry pi and Arduino boards.

Home Automation is not exactly a new concept as electronic building and factory automation has been around for decades. The first exposure I had to home automation was about 20 years ago when I worked for a forward thinking security alarm company in Vancouver Canada. Back then we used Apex security alarm control panels (which were subsequently bought and destroyed by Honeywell). The method of lighting control was via X-10 line carrier technology, something I firmly believe needs to be sent to the failed electronics dungeon never to be seen again. Personally, I have always preferred relay control when it comes to automating loads.

Many companies from alarm manufacturors such as Paradox (available at www.alarmparts.ca) Siemens PLC controllers, Arduino control boards, and of course the various extensions for the Loxone mini server (not affiliated with LoxOne.ca) this article will look at and review all these components to examine if the slightly inflated cost of the Loxone mini server is really worth what they are charging for the Loxone Mini Server, RS232 and RS232 extensions, when compared to more established Automation controllers by Siemens and open source home automation products such as Raspberry pi combined with Arduino boards.

More info will follow shortly


So get this, this company from Austria, who happens to have a similar name as this community is trying to strong arm this open source community into shutting down. Don't worry, I did not start this community on Home Automation to sell the database of members.

If there is any confusion as to the ownership of this website, please check the top block on the home page entitled "To be clear on that" http://www.LoxOne.ca/

I probably will not be reviewing the product listed above, because I really cannot see the value in purchasing it. I just want to focus on the project at hand, giving everyone an easy to deploy open source mini control server / home automation controller option using any of the inexpensive ARM processors available on the market.

Once my Pine64 comes in, I will put something together. $15 mini server.... gotta love it.