Raspberry Pi Home Automation Project

Loxone Thu, 01/24/2013 - 22:43

Having just recently stumbled onto the wonderful thing that is Raspberry pi, with the help of Linux guru and Internet Plumber Fred Morris, I have decided to go whole hog on this Raspberry pi Home Automation Project.
I do not know what the end result will be, and to be quite honest, my linux knowledge is sketchy at best. Yes, I did modify an old Xbox to create a media box (I don't play games) and I do have one of my PC's running on Ubuntu. Aside from that and a little bit of basic programming from highschool in the late 80's, yes the day of the XP and "massive" 40 Meg harddrives. Yes, I said 40 Meg. Ya know, we had to partition those babies just so the "super fast" XP processor could handle it. In my spare time, I also like to waste the school's printer ink by printing out dot matrix banners of nekid women. Yes, I was a wannabe geek.

Anyways, onto the here and now. I currently own and operate a Security Alarm Company in Vancouver Canada which specializes in custom integrated systems. I take great pride in making things do stuff they were not originally designed to do. For that reason, I really love the Paradox EVO line of security alarm panels. The EVO 192 goes up to 192 zones with add on relay boards and an RS232 serial output. They also have an IP Module.

Ultimately, I would like to be part of developing an automation software package (Open Source, of course) which would integrate with the EVO as well as other security alarm panels to provide home automation functionality. KeepSafe Systems (My alarm company) is also a certified or authorized installing dealer for HAI (Now owned by Leviton) and Mobotix IP Camera's of Germany. I would like to combine my knowledge with that of the computer programming guru's out there to create something massive which will help the world become more energy efficient and be affordable to the masses. Tall order, I know, but I believe this is possible with the help of Raspberry pi, and perhaps Arduino or something similar.

Individuals interested in this project can contact me via the contact page with your particulars and you will be given contributor access to this site. All those who contribute will receive credit in the never ending project that is.... :)

This section will function as a book to track the various portions of the project and provide instructions to those wishing to implement the Raspberry pi Home Automation system.
The Raspberry pi Home Automation forum is here: http://www.loxone.ca/forum/3

So lets get this party started.